Simple Blocking Rules for Perimeter Screen Passes

Simple Perimeter Screen Passes

Perimeter screen passes is a big part of spread offenses. The screen game can really cause headaches for a defense because you’re quickly getting the ball on the perimeter with teammates that are immediately blocking at the point of attack. Although screens can be an extremely dynamic set of plays, they can also be difficult to teach. Many coaches, myself included, need simple blocking rules for perimeter screen passes so that the kids can execute the scheme with little error.

There are several different ways to incorporate screen passes into your spread offensive playbook. I usually like having a few different variations throughout the year as I look to layer my base plays.

In the video below you will see the simple blocking rules that I use in my perimeter screen passes. You will also see how teams like Oregon, Oklahoma State, and the Washington Huskies use the same simple rules in their own variations of their screen passes.

Rules for Blocking Perimeter Screen Passes

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