Are Packaged Plays Better than RPO’s?

Packaged Plays in the Spread Offense

I am a big fan of RPO’s and I think they can do some serious damage to a defense. But if you were to ask me what I invest most of my time in; packaged plays or RPO’s, then I would have to go with package plays every single time.

The reason why I invest most of my time on offense with package plays is because I still have the option to pass or run but the decision for the QB is much easier to make. The concept of packaging plays is also extremely versatile because you can use this anywhere on the field; at midfield, backed up, at the goal line, or anywhere else inside the red zone.

That’s because his decision to throw or run is not a post-snap read like the traditional RPO. He makes the decision to throw or hand the ball off based on his pre-snap read and the overall look of the defense.

To see how Kyle Shanahan of the 49ers packages his plays, and how I do it in my offense, then click on the video below to learn more about this great concept

How to Use Packaged Plays

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