How to Run the Bow Concept

Learn the Bow Concept

If you’re looking for a pass concept to to attack the defense with your best athletes matched up on linebackers who are typically poor in coverage, then you need to consider having the Bow concept in your playbook.

The bow concept does a great job of attacking the middle of the field against multiple coverages. I like the concept because of the high / low that it puts on inside linebackers. ILB’s are not the greatest in coverage and can usually be manipulated by QB’s fairly easily, which is why putting them in coverage conflict is a great way to attack the defense.

The “bow” in the concept is a backside route combination of a dig and a spot route. These two routes combine to force a high/low on an inside linebacker. The front side of the concept in a 2×2 formation is typically some variation of smash, which is a Corner and hitch. In a full field progression the QB would read the smash side first before working his way to the backside of the concept with the Bow.

The progression would be as followed: 1 – Hitch, 2 – Corner, 3 – Dig, 4 – Spot.

That may be difficult for high school QB’s. I would say the average high school QB can make 2, maybe 3, successful reads before the pocket either collapses or the QB doesn’t have enough experience staying patient in the pocket before escaping on his own.

If you want to continue learning about how you can simplify the learning curve for your QB’s, and you’d like to see how the Browns, Lions and Rams all used the Bow concept in their offense, then click the video below.

How to Run the Bow Concept

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