TCU’s Empty Mesh Concept

TCU played Colorado week 1 and there were plenty of concepts for coaches to take notes on throughout the game. TCU had success on offense and one concept that aided their arial passing attack was their empty mesh concept. TCU ran this concept multiple times throughout the game to defeat Colorado’s cover 1 defense. Eventually TCU was able to create enough space to convert a simple 5 yard throw into a Touchdown.

If you need some ideas on beating cover 1, or you’re looking to add to your mesh playbook, then TCU’s empty mesh concept will be a great addition to what you’re doing on offense.

Here’s what it looks like:

TCU's Empty Mesh Concept
XFade Route
FSet the mesh at roughly five yards. In the route, identify defender flowing your way to rub with on the mesh
AClear out route. The inside release and vertical route stacked on top of the crosser makes it difficult for defenses to banjo or switch their man responsibilities
YOTB = Over The Ball at 10 yards and sit down.
ZInside release off the vertical stem of A and Y and shallow cross under the F who is setting the mesh.

Below is a clip of TCU running their empty mesh concept twice against Colorado in week 1

Empty Mesh Concept

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