QB Footwork Drills for Pass Game

I recently took my camera down to practice to film some of our drills. Last week I filmed a few minutes of our QB’s every day throwing drills. I put a video together with some coaching points and published the QB’s Every Day Throwing Drills to my Youtube channel.

After some positive feedback from the video, I decided to take my camera down to practice again to film some of our other QB drills.

This time I captured our QB’s during individual offense as I coach them through the footwork we use for quick pass game and three step drop. In my experience, these footwork drills have helped my QB’s tremendously in the pass game.

If you are a QB or you coach Quarterbacks and you are struggling with the footwork in the pass game, whether it’s quick pass concepts or 3 step drops, then you’ll want to check out these live practice drills.

These drills can help quarterbacks who struggle with:

  • Making accurate passes
  • Throwing from a good base
  • Getting depth in their drop
  • Hitching too much in their throw
  • Getting the ball out on time

If your QB’s have any of these common flaws in their footwork, then click the video below to watch live practice drills I use with my own QB’s.

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