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8 Simple Ways to Run GT Counter

One of the most important jobs for an offensive coordinator is to identify what they are really good at on offense. The next most important job for a […]
How to Beat Cover 3 Defense

How to Beat Cover 3 Defense

In the realm of football strategy, understanding and effectively countering defensive schemes is paramount to offensive success. Cover 3 defense, a staple in all levels of football, presents […]

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stack formation

How to Use Stack Formation in the Pass Game

By Coach_Besaw | October 11, 2019

The stack formation in the spread offense is a great way to force defenders to play outside the box. It’s a difficult formation to defend because the receivers […]

how to kick step in pass pro

How to Teach Offensive Linemen the Kick Step in Pass Protection

By The Spread Offense | October 10, 2019

By John GnoscaOffensive Line CoachPalma High School (Salinas, CA)Twitter: @JGnosca KICK STEP  Everything I’ve learned about offensive line play has come from coaches that I’ve been privileged enough […]

how to practice the no huddle offense

How to Practice the No Huddle Offense with Efficiency

By Coach_Besaw | October 4, 2019

Creating a practice plan for the no huddle offense can be troublesome for coaches.  Plenty of questions start to pop up when trying to figure out how to […]

oklahoma's variations of counter trey

Oklahoma’s Variations of Counter Trey

By Coach_Besaw | September 25, 2019

Counter Trey is the perfect blend of deception and physicality.  The misdirection in the backfield freezes the defense just long enough to allow backside Guard and Tackle to […]

run the spread offense

Why Run The Spread Offense?

By Coach_Besaw | September 21, 2019

The spread offense is growing in popularity with coaches, players and fans because it’s a dynamic offense with big play opportunities.  It’s designed to create a mismatch with […]

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