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Coach Alex Besaw | Head Coach at Monterey High School

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8 Simple Ways to Run GT Counter

One of the most important jobs for an offensive coordinator is to identify what they are really good at on offense. The next most important job for a […]
How to Beat Cover 3 Defense

How to Beat Cover 3 Defense

In the realm of football strategy, understanding and effectively countering defensive schemes is paramount to offensive success. Cover 3 defense, a staple in all levels of football, presents […]

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red zone pass concepts in the spread

Spread Pass Concepts in the Red Zone

By Coach_Besaw | January 21, 2020

Executing spread pass concepts in the red zone can be a like solving a Rubik’s Cube for some coaches. Once you cross the 20 yard line with pay […]

Oklahoma running power in the spread offense

How to Run Single Back Power (Part III)

By Coach_Besaw | January 11, 2020

I just recently completed part III of “How to Run Single Back Power”, and you’ll find college football teams like Oklahoma and UCF making this one play their […]

Part II of single back power

How to Run Single Back Power (Part II)

By Coach_Besaw | January 5, 2020

I just finished Part II of my mini series, “How to Run Single Back Power” and I think you’ll find this little wrinkle to be very effective in […]

Single Back Power banner

How to Run Single Back Power (Part I)

By Coach_Besaw | December 30, 2019

If you’re looking to run single back power in the Spread Offense, then you’ll want to watch this first video in my mini series of “How to Run […]

tagging quick pass game with zone read - trevor lawrence clemson - spread offense

How to Tag Quick Pass Game with Zone Read

By Coach_Besaw | December 26, 2019

I have been spending a lot of my time lately on tagging quick pass concepts with the run game, specifically zone read, so I decided to create a […]

how to use jet motion in the spread offense

How to Use Jet Motion in the Spread Offense

By Coach_Besaw | November 15, 2019

Jet motion is one of my favorite tools in the spread offense that can stretch the defense horizontally and vertically with the use of speed, deception and power. […]

Oregon Tags Quick Pass with Zone Run

Oregon’s Quick Game Tags With Zone Run

By Coach_Besaw | November 7, 2019

Oregon played USC this past Saturday and after a slow first quarter that put them behind 10-0, Oregon went on to outscore the Trojans 56-14 during the next […]

tagging quick pass with zone read

Tagging Quick Pass Game with Zone Read

By Coach_Besaw | October 30, 2019

By: Coach Alex BesawTwitter: coach_besaw One of my favorite concepts in the spread offense is tagging quick pass game with zone read. I want to give my QB […]

the crossing series

The Crossing Series

By Coach_Besaw | October 15, 2019

The crossing series is a five man route concept that can be called in different formations.  Whether it’s 2×2, 3×1, or 3×2, this passing series stretches the defense […]

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