One Simple QB RPO

Easy to Install QB RPO

If you have an athletic QB and you are looking to get him involved in the run game, then check out this simple QB RPO that I installed this year with my team.

This QB RPO play has an option to attack the defense with a downhill run game, or with a high percentage throw that is easy for the QB and WR to complete. These are two things that every OC and HC love, and it’s all wrapped into one play.

We had great success with this QB RPO play, and to be quite honest, we didn’t run it enough throughout the year. The defense had a difficult time stopping this play for a few reasons:

  • Formation: The formation that we lined up in made it difficult for the defense to either commit numbers to the box to stop the run, or empty the box to defend the pass. Before the ball was even snapped we already had an advantage because the defense was in conflict by our formation

  • Run play: We put the ball in the hands of one of our better athletes (the QB) to execute the run. This was a downhill run that got him attacking the middle of the defense

  • Easy Pass: The pass concept was simple enough for our offense because it was already something that we did in our quick game. It was also easy to determine who the conflict player would be and the “if-then” scenarios that would occur in the options to either run or pass. If the option were to pass, we could bank on it being completed because it’s a high percentage throw.

Check out the simple QB RPO and if you have an athletic QB who can run and throw, then you need to think about putting this in your playbook over the offseason

Simple QB RPO

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