How to Simplify Your RPO’s

Simplifying your RPO’s to make it easier for your offense to execute, but just as difficult for the defense to defend is a no brainer. Sometimes coaches can get carried away with their RPO’s by making it extremely complicated with multiple reads, 3rd level reads, and creating a bunch of if/then scenarios that are not always necessary. RPO’s should be simple because by nature you’re already putting a defender in conflict with the run and the pass, so there’s no need to try and add layers to built in RPO concepts.

If Alabama can keep it simple with their RPO’s with the amount of weapons they have on offense, then there’s no reason why every high school in the country can’t keep it simple either. Below is a quick breakdown of how Alabama used some simple RPO’s to defeat Notre Dame in the college football semifinal playoff game, and I like to use similar concepts in my own offense.

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