Spread Offense Drills

qb footwork drills for pass game

QB Footwork Drills for Pass Game

I recently took my camera down to practice to film some of our drills. Last week I filmed a few minutes of our QB’s every day throwing drills. […]
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Every day throwing drills for QBs

Must Have Every Day Throwing Drills for QB’s

If you’re searching for every day throwing drills for QB’s to help improve your QB’s overall throwing mechanics, then these simple every day throwing drills would be a […]
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Oklahoma's Offensive Line Drills

The Best Offensive Line Drills for Young Linemen

If you are a coach looking for some of the best offensive line drills, or you’re a young offensive linemen wanting to improve your game, then you need […]
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How to Practice the No Huddle Offense

I’ve written an article previously about how to practice the up tempo no huddle offense with efficiency where I dissect, what I think, are key aspects of an […]
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Coaching the Mesh Point for Inside Zone Read

Coaching the Mesh Point for Inside Zone Read in the Spread Offense

In the latest video, I break down coaching the mesh point for inside zone read in the Spread Offense. This relationship between QB and RB needs to be […]
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how to kick step in pass pro

How to Teach Offensive Linemen the Kick Step in Pass Protection

By John GnoscaOffensive Line CoachPalma High School (Salinas, CA)Twitter: @JGnosca KICK STEP  Everything I’ve learned about offensive line play has come from coaches that I’ve been privileged enough […]
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