Blocking Outside Zone Using the Count System

In my philosophy, blocking outside zone is similar to how you would block inside zone. In fact, it’s the exact same as far as “who” the offensive linemen are blocking. The difference is in the “how” they are blocking. The technique is obviously different from blocking inside zone to blocking outside zone. The count system works the same for any front whether you’re running inside zone or outside zone.

Today’s breakdown I talk about blocking outside zone using the count system. Here’s how it looks:

Blocking Outside Zone Using the Count System

The play is designed to go to the right. To start on offense, the count will begin with the Center and then work to the front side. In this case, the Center = 0, RG = 1 and RT = 2. On the backside, the LG = -1 and the LT = -2.

Now on the defense, the count begins with 0 and it starts with the first defender that is the immediate threat to the playside A gap. The count works out from there. In this example, the count would begin with the 3t = 0, the Mike = 1 and the DE = 2. On the backside the shaded Nose = -1, the Will = -2 and the backside DE = -3.

To preface, the count system does not equal man blocking. This is still a zone scheme, and OL will have to take their zone steps and pick up anyone who enters their gap because after all, the defense are humans and they will react differently after the snap. The count is just a good starting point for the “who” the OL will block with anticipation of taking care of anyone that enters their gap.

In this example, the RT will be on his own and is responsible for the DE (2 vs 2 in the count). The combination will come with the Center and RG (0 & 1) on the 3t and the Mike (0 & 1 on defense).

On the backside, the LG & LT (-1 & -2) will take care of the Nose and Will (-1 & -2) and the QB will read (or boot) the BSDE (-3) to account for him in the blocking scheme.

Watch Blocking Outside Zone Using the Count System

For a more detailed breakdown of the concept, watch the video below of how the count system works and the technique involved in the scheme.

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